About Us


Pet-Mak Ltd. Sti. Emrullah Mutlu and Gülsüm Emrullah in 2004 as a family company founded by the Çorlu. The activities of our company began with the production of pet blow molding machines, then started to produce many different types of machines for the industry.


Pet Blow Moulding Machines machines (fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual), Polyethylene Blow Molding Machines, Special Production Injection Molding Machine, Blow Moulding Machines Plastic Vacuum Lid Cutting Machines and the five groups.


We manufacture machines and food sector, Water Bottle, Oil Bottles, Pet Jar, fruit juice bottles, beverage bottles, soda bottles, Wine Bottles, Bottle of ketchup and mayonnaise. Cleaning and Cosmetics Industry Liquid Detergent Bottles, Jelly Jars, Bottle Plastic, etc. Automotive Industry; Pad, Console, Mineral Oil Bottles and bottle cap can be produced for all sectors.

Why Pet-Mak?

Pet-Mak is customer oriented, 
Pet-Mak conveys the experience it has had for years to its machines, 
Pet-Mak produces machines that can be used easily, 
Pet-Mak follows up the technology, 
Pet-Mak offers assembling and support after sale, 
Pet-Mak offers warranty options, 
Pet-Mak solves the problems quickly with the help of dynamic technical team, 
Pet-Mak invests money continuously in research - development, 
Pet-Mak offers competitive prices and alternative payment conditions,


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